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Africa’s Democratic Moment? The Five Leaders Who Could Transform the Region

Reading Time: 2 minutes By Judd Devermont And Jon Temin Five guys: Abiy, Lourenço, Ramaphosa, Tshisekedi, and BuhariLeft to Right: Reuters / Tiksa Negeri, Pool, Sumaya Hisham, Olivia Acland, Afolabi Sotunde In the 60-plus years since the countries of sub-Saharan Africa started becoming independent, democracy there has advanced unevenly. During the Cold War, many African states turned into Soviet- or U.S.-backed dictatorships.…

Investigative story on ISIS Germany

Syria building

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reporter Jenan Moussa from Arabic Al Aan TV did a report on ISIS combatants in Germany. The story shows an in-depth report about the world of ISIS, radicalization and a problem most governments and subsequent societies are dealing with. What to do with radicalization and those who return after being enemy combatants. 1/ Here with…