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Brexit and populism


Reading Time: 4 minutes This is a re-post of a blog post I did on own blog in 2016. Three years later and Brexit still hasn’t happened or has it? The one constant in Europe thus far has been populism. The word Brexit shows everything wrong with politics these days. And not just with politics and politicians but also…

PM Boris Johnson’s ‘new’ deal….again

International Relations

Reading Time: 2 minutes While members of Parliament have been sparring for months over the deal Boris Johnson proposes to the European Union with Brexit, there seems to have been a breakthrough from the MPs in Westminster, but the EU is not so receptive. While Boris Johnson currently needs only 30 more opposing votes to turn in his favor,…

Investigative story on ISIS Germany

Syria building

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reporter Jenan Moussa from Arabic Al Aan TV did a report on ISIS combatants in Germany. The story shows an in-depth report about the world of ISIS, radicalization and a problem most governments and subsequent societies are dealing with. What to do with radicalization and those who return after being enemy combatants. 1/ Here with…