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Invitation to Apply for CIRIS Contributors

The Center for International Relations and International Security (CIRIS) is accepting applications for the position of CIRIS Contributor. CIRIS is a non-profit bipartisan organization working to advance research in the fields of international relations and international security. We consider ourselves to be a springboard for young minds recently graduated to become involved in the realm of international affairs.

Contributors will be motivated to spread awareness of international affairs and security. Must be able to contribute to projects and/or submit writings to be peer-reviewed. This position will be supervising interns, spearheading programs, and working with board members to design a peer-review journal and newsletter. Semi-regular meetings via Skype and Facebook Messenger will be used to conduct business. Time commitment will change with duties as needed. This is a
volunteer position.

Requirements for the position are: A degree in International Relations or related field. Membership to Sigma Iota Rho preferred. Experience with program management or supervising others is preferred. Sensitivity to multiple time zones is needed. The Contributor must have a passion for advancing the research of international affairs and for assisting young minds with
similar interests.

Those interested in applying for the position must send us their resume

To apply for this job email your details to