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Vol. 2 (2021): Panoply Journal

A Casual Affair: History, the Present, and the Forgotten Analysis of Human Trafficking in an Era of Globalization

  • Elizabeth Kurkin
27 December 2021


In the midst of the 21st-century, nations have become more connected on an international level. This connection flourishes with the rise of trade that facilitates the movement of goods,  information, services, cultures, and people. A surge in trading highlights the success and dependence on a global economy that conducts itself according to western principles of capitalism. However, the ability to trade on an international scale has created a multitude of problems within a nation, yet a common predicament for many of these nations is the alarming growth rate of human trafficking. This multidimensional phenomenon divides into three main categories: sex,  labour, and organ trafficking. The examination of human trafficking requires an acknowledgment that within these subcategories they all utilize different industries within society to sustain profits in a capitalist-oriented market. Despite the abundance of complications,  this study addresses how these industries exploit vulnerable populations within a nation with respect to the unique intersectional factors that institutionalize their level of vulnerability. 

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