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Vol. 2 (2021): Panoply Journal

The German Desk: US and German Relations in NATO

27 December 2021


As the United States continues to lead its allies in NATO, new global challenges require NATO members to strengthen their commitment to the Alliance. ُThe previous administration perpetuated significant strains on the US’s relations with its key allies, yet US interests in NATO have extended through several administrations. Germany, a key US and NATO ally, has continuously failed to support US leadership through increasing its commitments to our joint alliance. German officials have continuously avoided addressing Germany’s failure to adhere to their financial commitments, and instead have notified the US and its allies that Germany expects yet even more delays to its targeted goals for increasing defense spending. With new security threats arising, the United States must lead an appropriate solution to holding NATO members accountable for providing adequate financial contributions. This policy recommendation will provide an overview of the current diplomatic situation with Germany, diplomatic challenges the US administration currently faces, and recommendations for addressing US-German relations in NATO.