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Vol. 3 (2022): Panoply Journal

The False Pretense of Financial Disclosure by a Judiciary

16 November 2022


The conduct of judges in the State of Illinois is governed by the Illinois Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct, for which there is established case history at the circuit, appellate, and supreme court levels within the state judiciary.  Both Judges and Lawyers are licensed through the IL State Bar Association.  The governing bodies that manage their discipline are the Judicial Inquiry Board and the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, respectively. Lawyers and Judges are given unique identifiers in the form of Lawyer ID numbers and Judge ID numbers.  Judges must disclose financial records periodically, and the information they have to disclose changes as a matter of law periodically.  Records have been requested and paid for as a charitable donation to CIRIS, and the Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois has indicated shipment of the records via email with a confirmation number, and those records have been received and analyzed.  The judges’ service periods and professional backgrounds are available and verifiable via the internet, including photographs.  

As it relates to the public records, rulings, and eDockets, as well as the associated forms and filings, all of which are maintained by municipal, county, district, and state records, as well as within third-party filing systems (TylerHost) all of these systems have been designed to function in an operational environment constrained by the challenges of various logistical challenges, most especially a biological agent.  Commercial data providers (TrellisLaw, Ballotpedia, LexisNexis) have monetized public records, and the Clerks/Law libraries at the associated jurisdictional levels are resources for study as well. 

*In the attached file, you can find the following documents: rules, rule change, instructions, judges’ files, and litigants’ requirements. Notice the double standard, and why CASA exists. This calls for more research on this topic.