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Vol. 5 (2024): Panoply Journal

Boots on the ground: Evaluating U.S. military intervention in Ukraine.

4 July 2024


This research paper examines the argument for and against U.S. military intervention in Ukraine, specifically analyzing the concept of "boots on the ground." Utilizing the Toulmin method for critical analysis, the study addresses the complexity of the Ukraine conflict, the strategic interests of the United States, and the potential consequences of direct military involvement. The analysis highlights the multifaceted nature of the conflict, involving multiple stakeholders and shifting alliances since the Cold War. It argues that non-military support, such as material aid and intelligence, is currently sufficient and minimizes costs and risks for the U.S. The paper concludes that while there are ethical arguments for intervention to prevent human rights violations, diplomatic efforts and strategic containment are more effective in achieving long-term stability without escalating the conflict. The study suggests that direct military intervention could lead to greater loss of life and global repercussions, making it an unfavorable option for the U.S. at this time.

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