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Threats to democracy and equality under-law

The past few decades we have seen a plethora of developments take place that make this world of ours a smaller place. With the help of modern technology, we are able to spread information to all corners of the earth, in some cases real-time. Policymakers over the past decades have theorized about the potential benefits but also emerging threats that come with these developments.

The fact that we can witness via our different media outlets what is happening on the other side of the world is unique. And it shows a large discrepancy worldwide when it comes to democracy and freedom via images and videos. No longer do we read newspapers the old fashioned way and our hunger for more information is being satisfied by the constant stream of information.

We have seen images of oppressed minorities in different countries around the globe and have managed to put their interests on the global agenda. We advocate the rule-of-law, and equality under-law while we emphasize that democracy is a key factor in different states. And to that end, the information technology age has empowered large groups worldwide, who otherwise have no voice via traditional media, to be heard.

However, our critical viewpoints of other countries have been somewhat muted over the past few months. When COVID-19 broke out many countries started to restrict the personal freedom of their citizens. In an effort to combat a pandemic and reduce a sudden spike of cases restrictions were imposed. All those who were critical were ridiculed, as fear ruled. The virus at first was a common enemy and the public as well as many governments worldwide started to realize that an arsenal of nukes is of no use when a virus goes rampant. But COVID-19 showed something else as well; namely a large group of people that cannot afford good medical care. It is this very group that will also suffer the hardest due to the economic consequences the COVID-19 impact has. These added restrictions on society created a tinder box. This tinder box that was ignited by the death of George Floyd, and it shows how urgent the matter of racism and social injustice is. The recent demonstrations and riots show a large divide in society that needs to be addressed!

It is up to the elected leaders in a democracy to ensure that all are treated equally under the same law. We need to address the issues of social injustice, racism, and inequality that makes so many people suffer now. We need leaders that bridge the gaps that currently exist, this is the time to end the division. There is no “I” in democracy, it is a team effort. And democracy only works if its team members are treated equally without fear of reprisals. This is something that transcends party politics, religion, or any other ideology.

It is this domestic tranquility that people strive for, to be equal, and to be heard. In order for us to set democracy as a worldwide beacon and example of how a society should work, we should overcome our internal social injustices. This way we can truly say, that we the people are working on a more perfect union. The first step is to be self-critical so we recognize that this problem exists.

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