We  bridge  gaps and build futures in International Relations.

A beacon

CIRIS stands as a beacon of hope for any student, especially those from less privileged, veteran and refugee families who dream of pursuing an education or career in International Relations​​. Founded by alumni of the American Military University & Sigma Iota Rho in 2019, CIRIS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing insights and policy solutions to students, professionals, and decision-makers worldwide​​.

CIRIS in an official charity,

A 501C3 with Tax ID #83-3134342 (EIN)

Located in USA with members from all over the globe


Our focus

We use a robust framework of research, publishing, education, and networking. As a single point of contact, it offers a platform for students and professionals to interact and learn from each other, effectively bridging the gap between academia and real-world application​​.

Our cornerstone is the Peer Reviewed Panoply Journal

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Free courses for our members

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Panoply Journal

A cornerstone of CIRIS's work is the publication of the Panoply Journal, a peer-reviewed international relations journal that welcomes submissions from students and researchers across the globe. This journal serves as a valuable resource for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in the field, providing timely and relevant insights on topics that range from peace, democracy, freedom of speech, inclusion, warfare technologies and international crimes to the feasibility and effects of political actions on global conflicts​.

Our journal is not behind a paywall, and we accept submissions from everybody with a dedicated team of volunteers that is dedicated and involved. We stimulate students to submit their work and help them overcome obstacles that they may face with traditional journals.


A community of learning experts

CIRIS's impact is amplified through its community of learning experts, who share their expertise and gain valuable knowledge within the organization's diverse, international team. These members contribute to CIRIS's mission by conducting research, sharing insights, and developing strategies that promote International Relations and International Security​.

We help students and those that want to enter the field of International Relations by joining our leadership team and learn from each other in a community of learners. Those that have joined our team were enabled to use their experience at CIRIS to move ahead in their career.

a call for action

We need your help!


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We need more members to join our community so we can reach more people and lower the threshold for those who want to enter the field of International Relations.



Your donations allow us to continue our work as your donations will be used for the upkeep of our server, publishing the journal and the development of more resources such as free courses.