Intellectual Independence Policy

Intellectual Independence Policy

The Center for International Relations and International Security (CIRIS) is an independent organization that generates ideas and cultivates debate on policy issues and international relations theory. Its staff, volunteers and members represent a diverse community united by a common belief in the mission statement of CIRIS to research and promote the fields of International Relations and International Security.

The Center for International Relations and International Security embodies an independent network of researchers, students, and professionals who:

  • promote the fields of International Relations and International Security,
  • are committed to doing research an publishing articles in journals,
  • provide education for professionals and students in these fields of study,

Political Engagement Policy

The Center for International Relations and International Security as an organization does not adopt or advocate positions on particular matters. Our publications always represent the views of the author or authors rather than those of the Center for International Relations and International Security.

CIRIS's staff, volunteers, fellows, and members are encouraged to offer their own views on current policy issues as CIRIS experts, but without implying CIRIS endorsement of those views.

CIRIS maintains strict intellectual independence for all of its projects and publications. CIRIS staff and directors, and those CIRIS engages to work on specific projects, are responsible for generating and communicating intellectual content resulting from CIRIS projects. CIRIS requires all funders and donors to agree to CIRIS maintaining independent control of the content and conclusions of any products resulting from sponsored projects.

CIRIS staff are encouraged to engage in external substantive activities that reinforce their programs and CIRIS's mission. When signing off on products of these efforts, including public letters, statements, task force reports, etc., CIRIS staff should endeavor to make clear that they are signing in a personal capacity rather than representing the views of the CIRIS as a whole. Consistent with CIRIS's commitment to transparency, CIRIS staff members who intend to affiliate themselves with such public documents addressing policy matters should inform the President and Vice President in advance.


As a general policy, CIRIS does not accept anonymous contributions. In appropriate circumstances, CIRIS will make exceptions to this policy for individual donors if they have a policy of not disclosing their charitable giving. CIRIS publicly acknowledges all its donors who give $100 or more on its website, and may do so in other contexts as well. CIRIS does not sell, trade, or rent its donor and member lists, and does not share donor and member information with third parties. CIRIS takes all reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized use of its donor and member lists.