Join us and boost your career

Join CIRIS's Leadership Team, where you will gain opportunities to develop and exercise your leadership, management and academic skills with a dedicated and passionate team of International Relations enthusiasts. We are an equal opportunity employer. And it is one of goals to help you with your career in the field of International Relations.

We celebrate our differences and support it as it is reflection of our diverse planet and the diversity in the field of International Relations. Our volunteers are responsible for the success of CIRIS, and their dedication makes an impact.

- Build your resume,
- Develop and exercise professional skills in your field of interest,
- Grow your professional and personal network,

In order for you to apply for any of the following positions, please email a cover letter and your resume to [email protected] . Clearly state the position in the Subject field. We also require you to have registered for an account at our website.

Please note that all of our positions are unpaid and on a voluntary basis. Some of our standard requirements are:

  • Proficient in English,
  • Have Regular Membership,
  • Willing to spend at least several hours per week,