Meet the

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team operates directly under guidance of the Board of Directors. The Leadership Team oversee our daily operations and their duty is to develop the Center for International Relations and International Security its operations in line with the targets set by the Board of Directors.

The leadership team is comprised out of:

Leadership Team Dominique Young
Dominique Batiste
Journal Director

Dominique Young is the Journal Director of CIRIS and in charge of the content editors on our website.

Leadership Team Francis Kapito
Francis Kapito 

Member Recruitment Director 

Francis Kapito is the Member Recruitment Director of CIRIS and in charge of all member driven actions on our website. 

Samuel Lavoie
Samuel Lavoie 

Digital Content Director & Editor

Samuel Lavoie is the digital content director & editor of the CIRIS website. 

Raffaele Petroni
Raffaele Petroni 

London Director

Raffaele Petroni is the London Director of CIRIS. 

Mursel Samir
Mursel Sabir
Director SWANA Region

Mursel Sabir is the director of the SWANA (South West Asia and North Africa) Region.