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CIRIS Roundtable

July 20 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

A Confluence of Minds in International Affairs

Mark your calendars and tune in to the airwaves of intellectual discourse this summer as the Centre for International Research and Strategic Studies (CIRIS) proudly presents the summer edition of the CIRIS Roundtable Podcast, scheduled for the 20th of July. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey of insights, analysis, and thought-provoking conversations with some of the foremost minds in the realm of international affairs.

A Platform for Engaging Dialogue

At the intersection of scholarship, policy, and practice, the CIRIS Roundtable Podcast serves as a platform for fostering engaging dialogue on pressing global issues. From geopolitical flashpoints and emerging security challenges to the intricacies of diplomatic negotiations and the impact of technology on international relations, each episode promises to delve into the nuances of key topics shaping the contemporary world.

Meet Our Esteemed Panelists

Drawing upon a diverse array of perspectives and expertise, our esteemed panelists comprise leading scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and thought leaders from around the globe. With their wealth of experience and deep insights, they will offer unparalleled analysis and commentary on the most salient issues confronting the international community today.

Interactive and Informative

More than a mere listening experience, the CIRIS Roundtable Podcast invites audience participation, fostering an interactive dialogue between panelists and listeners. Through live Q&A sessions, social media engagement, and audience feedback, listeners have the opportunity to shape the conversation, pose questions to our experts, and contribute their own perspectives to the discourse.

Join Us on July 20th

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the field of international relations, a student eager to deepen your understanding of global affairs, or an engaged citizen concerned about the state of the world, the CIRIS Roundtable Podcast welcomes you to join us on July 20th for an enlightening and enriching experience.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding our lineup of speakers, topics of discussion, and details on how to access the podcast. Together, let us embark on a journey of discovery and dialogue, as we explore the complexities of the international landscape and chart a course toward a more informed and interconnected world.

Don’t miss the CIRIS Roundtable Podcast on July 20th – where ideas converge, perspectives intersect, and minds meet in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in international affairs.


July 20
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT


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