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Panoply Journal Volume 2 Winter 2021

The Panoply Journal is a journal that is published annually. Here you can find the Winter 2021, Volume 2 edition.

In this edition of the Panoply journal volume you may find:

Panoply Journal Winter 2021
  • Geopolitics of Proliferation of Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – By Soumyadeep Bidyanta
  • Tunisia Post-Revolution: What is Preventing its Democracy – By Evan Ewards
  • A Casual Affair: History, the Present, and the Forgotten Analysis of Human Trafficking in an Era of Globalization – Elizabeth Kurkin
  • How Can a Pandemic Interrupt Realism in International Diplomacy? – Dominique R. Batiste
  • The German Desk: US and German Relations in NATO – Mursel Sabir

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Cite: Panoply Journal Winter 2021 Volume 2. (2021). Center for International Relations and International Security.


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