Manual Leadership Team

Welcome to the online manual for the Leadership Team. You can use this page to lookup information about your guidelines, how to’s etc. You can bookmark this page for future reference as it will be updated periodically.



You have received your email credentials upon your appointment with the team. When you login the first time you accept the terms and conditions. You can always login via If you loose your password you can retrieve it, if this doesn’t work you can email tech support at [email protected]

If you want to email the whole team for e.g. organizing a meeting you can email them all by using: [email protected] This address can only be used internally with your CIRIS email address and cannot be used by any external parties.

You can add the [email protected] account to your cellphone if you want so you can always have access to your emails. This is especially handy if you have an Android phone.

Google Apps

We have a sponsorship via Google and as such can use Google Workspace. You can access the online manual for this service here. If you run into any problems you can contact tech support at the aforementioned email address.

We collaborate with each other using the CIRIS Google Drive and other apps that we have. This way we can operate secure and you it keeps things nicely separated. It is advised to organizer meetings via Google Calendar

Intellectual Independence Policy

The IPP is a crucial part of our organization and is something that we expect all staff and regular members to adhere to. In short, although you are a member of the Leadership Team you do not speak on behalf of the organization. Nor do you have the mandate to purchase, register for social media accounts, sign any contracts etc.


In the past we had incident in which copyrighted images were displayed on our website. This means we do not post images on our website without a proper screening by the Board. It is better to post content without images than with images that might possible have copyright and financial repercussions.

Website account

Your website account has more rights then that of a standard user. Depending on your function you can edit/post articles on the website.

Non disclosure agreement

All staff members of CIRIS agree to not sharing information or giving access to their account to any third party.

Article Submissions

If you belong to the editorial staff you will get an email when an article is submitted. The email will go to the group inbox of the Leadership Team. All articles are submitted via this url: and those that want to submit must have an account. They can register for a free account if needed. Leadership Team members are encouraged to write articles themselves as well, before an article is published it must be approved by someone from the board. You can email them at: [email protected]

Social Media

For LinkedIn we recommend you list yourself and your position on your profile. You can then share news articles from respected sources to your liking on our company page. The same counts for Facebook.