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A possible Third World War will be a Pyrrhic Victory

A possible Third World War will be a Pyrrhic Victory.

Humanity has experienced two major destructive global wars. The Cold War tensions and regional conflicts we are currently experiencing have created fears of another major war.
Almost ten years after the Second World War, in the 1950s, the Fronts of the last war, while gathering together again, gave the first signs of today’s long-lasting cold war.
The Cold War, which has been going on for 70 years, seems to have changed its course with today’s regional hot wars. Developments in the coming days will show whether the situation will improve or worsen. While international aggressive competition and regional proxy wars sharpen showdowns and heat up the globe, the vital question to ask is whether the hegemons want a new global war or not.


In particular, the Ukrainian war changed the chronic course of international relations and accelerated global polarization. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict triggered by the Hamas attack began to turn the Middle East into a fireball and divided international public opinion into two poles.
In addition, the explosive Pacific tension between the US and China increases global war concerns.
Along with the ongoing proxy wars in Ukraine and Gaza and confrontational tensions in Asia Pacific, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and the Balkans are among the contested geographies that can trigger a new global war. In the face of ongoing fragile international pressures and signals, the possibility of a third major war cannot be ruled out.


It seems that a possible new war will be developed on the basis of a clash of civilizations.
Immediately after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Western futurists adopted Samuel Huntington’s concept of the “Clash of Civilizations” as the new separatist goal.
“Clash of civilizations,” which rather means “clash of cultures,” is being tried to be put forward in the China Sea conflict and Gaza War today. It’s true that Western alliances can unite and strengthen their front only when they are faced with a power that may pose a threat to them. Therefore, the idea of a total conflict between East and West cultures was a correct goal.

The USA has used the East-West conflict a lot to enlist other Westerners in its attempts to surround China with various alliances. As a matter of fact, in conformity with this idea, the despair in Gaza is described as Israel’s holy struggle against the barbarian Easterners.

Third War

When we look at the international situation today, we see:

  • Global political chaos,
  • Deep polarization, ethnic ambition to destroy, social and political showdown,
  • Regional proxy wars,
  • The threat of a clash of civilizations,
  • The prominence of dictatorial governments on a global scale,
  • Authoritarianism is fed by the nationalism and religious sensitivities of the masses.

Although the conflict over economic, political, military, and ideological interests between major actors could be a trigger for the War, it seems that the clash of civilizations threat will be used as a tool as the hope of unification of the West.


The interesting continuation of the existence of Western alliances in an environment where the Iron Curtain pacts were abolished themselves gave impetus to the new bloc.
The Western Front is indeed strengthening its conventional trenches with G7, NATO, the EU, and regional alliances such as AUKUS, Five Eyes, and Quad in the Asia Pacific.
Meanwhile, the Eastern Front does not leave the field empty and continues its struggle with the Shanghai Cooperation and BRICS structures, reminiscent of the old Warsaw Pact and COMECON.
The BRICS initiative brought together Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and prepared to expand its geography by opening its doors to other countries excluded by Western alliances. Already, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia are new members of the BRICS.
The SHANGHAI Five Partnership has also become a new focus of power by gradually increasing the number of its members. In addition to bringing together China and Russia, as in BRICS, it has expanded with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, and Iran, and has contacted more than 20 countries as observer and dialogue partner status.
Turkey also established a dialogue with Shanghai in the shadow of the axis shift discussions.

Pyrrhic Victory

In this conjuncture, where rapid international divisions in place and existing conflicts turn into a clash of civilizations, a possible Third World War will be a war such as cyber-attack, terrorism, information, and dark web, as well as deadly nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons will be in full force.
Humanity may face total extinction.
Under these conditions, it seems very likely that the new global war, which will have devastating consequences for humanity, will be a ‘’Pyrrhic Victory’’ that will destroy all, including the winner.

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