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Panoply Journal Volume 4

📢 Exciting News! Our latest issue of Panoply Journal is out now! Explore the latest research in international relations and global affairs. The Center for International Relations and International Security publishes a journal at least once yearly. The journal is peer-reviewed, and researchers are free to submit their work to be published regardless of membership status. 

The Panoply Journal prides itself on publishing articles about international relations and international security from students and professionals worldwide. The word “panoply” comes from the Greek “πανοπλία” and refers to the full armor of the hoplite soldier in ancient Greek times. Students of international relations will most likely have stumbled on the word in the History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides.

The Panoply Journal is published at the Library of Congress under ISSN: 2766-2594 and is accessible for free and can be downloaded and shared from our website.

Panoply Journal

In this issue we have the following articles:

Piracy and robbery at sea, a threat to international security?

The Roles of NGOs Amid Neoliberal Agendas

The Evolution of Therapists: Transitioning to Combat Supporters – Treating Victims of Terrorism

China and The West: What Explains China’s Divergent Bilateral Relationships? The Case of Australia and New Zealand

Why North Korea will Likely Never Denuclearize

A study of climate refugees in Asia within special reference to Pakistan & Mongolia

The Concentric Circle of Conflict in the Lake Chad Region: Between Youth, Exclusion and Grievance

How have the PTI Government’s taxation policies affected Pakistan’s economic growth?

Power Grab: Why States Cede Sovereignty to International Law

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