Coronavirus: Is the United States doing enough?

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    With countries like Italy taking a proactive approach by locking down the entire country, do you think the United States is doing enough to protect the American people? If not, what do you think will be the “tipping point” to get the government to better secure and protect the American population?

    blankSergei Oudman

    The current ban on traffic imposed by the White House might have a small temporary effect but….
    In the long run I think the discussion on warehousing is more interesting. The current economic system works with small margins and there is no warehousing and stockpiling of certain necessities like we did 50 years ago. And this doesn’t mean that everybody should be a prepper, but the government could be better prepared with stockpiling in my opinion.

    So it is an interesting discussion, the virus doesn’t care where it is so the US and other countries are forced to work together to fix this problem. Even if you curb the infections this season there is no guarantee it will return later this year in a slightly mutated form.


    I just saw a posting on Twitter where China plans to lift its lockdown of the country on April 8th. With no vaccine and lack of transparency, how can they conjure confidence that the lifting of the lockdown will not increase virus exposure? I guess the next question is if China is willing to allow a nongovernmental organization to assist in humanitarian efforts as well?

    blankSergei Oudman

    Yes, according to officials there they cancelled the quarantine of Wuhan. There are no more new reported cases there. I am wondering now that there is an ease in restrictions if we get any contradicting information on the numbers.

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