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Refugees under UNHRC’s mandate


[qcld_ichart post_id="26018"] Data Despite the many news reports about the Coronavirus, other news items do not make the headlines as much as before. This does not mean however that they are less important. Arguably, it shows the terrible situation globally when it comes to refugees

Estimated Global Nuclear Warhead Inventory 2020


Currently, the world knows a total of approximately 13,500 nuclear warheads. Both the United States and Russia own more than 90% of this arsenal. And although the arsenal has been shrinking over the past decades due to treaties the number of nukes is still paramount.

NATO states share of real GDP in % (2020)


NATO has been in the news and the focal point of political discussions for some time now. But over the past year, there has been a recurring theme about the alliance, and that is the contribution that comes with membership. This map shows the alliance