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Estimated Global Nuclear Warhead Inventory 2020

Currently, the world knows a total of approximately 13,500 nuclear warheads. Both the United States and Russia own more than 90% of this arsenal. And although the arsenal has been shrinking over the past decades due to treaties the number of nukes is still paramount. Approximately 9,500 are still in military service, the remainder will be dismantled. But the process of dismantling is just a small portion of the total number out there. The amount of nukes out there is still large enough to obliterate all life on this planet several times. And the fact that the technology to obtain nukes has become easier to obtain than 50 years ago makes this weapon the single largest threat to humanity.

Source: Arms Control Association

Rogue States

Of the “Rogue States” on this map, only North Korea is known to have obtained the technology to create nuclear warheads. Estimates vary between the 30-40 warheads currently in their arsenal.

Iran is known not to have any nuclear warheads, yet there remains a lot of distrust with regard to Iran’s undeclared activities and its current alignment with China.

There have been countries that got rid of all the warheads, these are Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, South Africa, Iraq, and Libya. Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, and Taiwan stopped their nuclear programs.

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